November 17, 2021

Achieving Above the Threshold

Can we push the multi-family envelope even more?
A recent sale at the Thomas Duke Company answered a resounding Yes! Broker Adam Reid’s sale of a 6-unit apartment building in Garden City set a per-unit market record—again—at nearly $67,000 per unit. And he did it without ever going to market.
This is the second building Adam has sold for the ownership group within the past year, and once again he exceeded their expectations, achieving more than 98 percent of the asking price. With less Covid speculation swirling in the air, buyers are more active—and more bullish—than they were a year ago. We expect them to keep pushing the multi-family envelope. For how long, we don’t know.
If you’d like to see your multi-family property expectations exceeded, this may be your moment. Call Adam Reid at the Thomas Duke Company today.

Recent Successes