December 15, 2020

Attention to Detail


For more than two years, the owner of a 20-unit motel with an attached restaurant struggled to sell the property on his own. Several interested buyers approached him, but each time the deal fell apart. He simply lacked the experience to vet buyers’ credibility and negotiate a deal’s details.

Seeing his frustration, a close friend of the seller recommended he meet with Steve Valli and Dave Tesch from the Thomas Duke Company.

Steve and Dave listed the property. Then, on an experienced hunch, they re-engaged one of the parties who had earlier expressed interest in it. He was still interested. After verifying his credibility, they worked with him to carefully negotiate the details that had derailed the deal the first time around. This time they were able to arrive at a favorable, all-cash sale with a short due-diligence period and quick close. Not to mention that this property was a motel—sold in the middle of a stay-at-home pandemic!

Finding a qualified buyer can be the easier part of a real estate transaction. Often, the more difficult part is bringing that buyer to the closing table. Having a skilled real estate professional in your corner who can carefully negotiate a deal’s details makes all the difference.

Take trial and error out of your property sale. Let Steve Valli and Dave Tesch of the Thomas Duke Company bring their negotiating expertise to your real estate transactions. Their skillful attention to your details will pay big dividends.

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