October 14, 2019

Double The Closings Double the Fun.

We did it again! Two buildings closed simultaneously in a quick close cash deal. The properties located at 31324 and 31330 Schoolcraft Rd in Livonia Michigan were a testament to profound market-tied relationships and fine-tuned database.

Steve Valli sold both buildings over a decade ago and his relationship with his clients became personal as his clients evolved into a genuine friendship. As time went on, the property owners began to require more square footage to support their business growth. Naturally, they decided to call upon Steve and the Thomas Duke Company to help them buy and sell their properties. With Steve’s relationships, and the vigor and expertise of a growing team, Steve took on the assignment to sell both 31324 and 31330 Schoolcraft Rd together.

The Thomas Duke proprietary database made this easy work. Marathon-Speedway has been expanding many of its locations across the map including two other notable locations in Livonia. Because of a long and prosperous business relationship with Marathon-Speedway, the Thomas Duke database made quick work of this task.

After a quality pitch of the opportunity, it was clear that purchasing both buildings would behoove both Speedway and the community, resulting in a seven-figure cash offer with a quick close timeline.

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