November 3, 2015

Easy As Pie

It was a deal as easy as pie. Pizza pie, that is. After thirty years in business, the owners Bells Pictureof Bell’s Pizza in Ann Arbor were ready to sell their property and enjoy retirement and relaxation. With an easy walk to campus, the 700 Packard Street location was an Investor’s sweet spot.

Thomas Duke Company associates, Bill McLeod and Jim Porth reached into the deep file of market knowledge they have acquired through years of experience and quickly matched the seller with a cash buyer. He was willing to pay an eye-opening $466 per square foot, and the property never even appeared on the open market.

The average price per square foot is currently $200 per square foot in the Ann Arbor area. The proximity of the location to the U of M campus area was a huge driving factor on price, thus proving that your building could be worth well more than current market rates.

If you’re thinking about buying or selling commercial property, you want confidence that experienced and market-wise agents will be able to maximize your returns. Please contact Bill McLeod or Jim Porth on how they can help you meet your real estate goals.

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