March 7, 2016

From Insurmountable to Ideal

Most nonprofits are passionate about spending every dollar possible on promoting their cause rather than on covering overhead costs. National Energy Foundation is no exception. When the staff decided to move from the Atrium in Novi to a lower-cost office location in Milford, they called on us to help.

An oversupply of office space in the Milford area made this seem an easy assignment. But we found that the asking rates were a non-starter for this public education organization.

After listening carefully to NEF staff, we found a space at the Milford Corporate Park that matched all their specific requirements—a space that’s more functional for them than any of the other options. But before bringing NEF to view the property, we contacted the landlord to ask if he could agree to the rental rate the nonprofit needed.

The good news is that National Energy Foundation moves into their new home on March 14. They now have more resources to dedicate to direct service, and the landlord has a reliable tenant.

Profit or nonprofit, landlord, investor, or tenant, if you have a real estate challenge that seems insurmountable, let the experts at the Thomas A. Duke Company help you find the ideal solution.

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