November 2, 2015

Getting the Big(ger) Picture

Here at the Duke Company, we pride ourselves on how well we know and serve the people and properties in Southeast Michigan.

But now and then we find it valuable to broaden our focus, to step back and see our local real estate picture as part of the bigger, national panorama. This actually helps us serve our home communities better. We can spot positive trends moving toward us from the coasts and help our clients catch the upswing early. On the other hand, we can also spot market corrections that may be brewing and create damage-control plans.

During one of our recent “big-picture” sessions, we found this article ( on the demand nationwide for real estate investment properties priced under $5 million. Read it to learn where the demand is coming from, its trajectory, how it’s affecting financing and new construction. Then give us a call to discuss how this market trend could boost your investments.

The Thomas Duke Company – Westside Team

Mark W. Szerlag, CCIM, Partner,, John K. Porth, Senior Associate,

Eric Szerlag, Senior Associate,, Brent R. Naumann, Associate,

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