April 24, 2020

Helping Those Who Help Us All

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic broke open, the Thomas Duke Company understood how crucial the Michigan medical community is and increasingly will be to the wellbeing of us all. We’ve invested ourselves in trusting relationships with local medical providers. Their confidence in us and our professional experience is evidenced in the seven medical office transactions we successfully brokered, six additional properties we listed, and numerous leasing projects we facilitated in the past year alone.

One example is our recent sale of a renovated medical office at 209 Walnut Street in Rochester. The seller came to us weary from past conflicts with the city. With deep knowledge of city code and extensive contacts in the medical industry, we put a deal on track with an eager buyer. Although planned changes to the medical specialty and property signage threatened to delay the transaction, our diligence and negotiating skills kept things on track. In the end, we achieved a very strong price for our seller.

Thanks to this kind of expertise, we receive many more medical buyer and tenant inquiries than the market can supply. We’re constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to bring crucial medical providers together with the right property.

If we can help you better serve our community with a medical office, call us today.

Recent Successes