January 15, 2020

It Pays to Stay Connected

Dave Tesch most often expects one successfully closed deal to lead to and  open another—sometimes years later.

In 2014, a client asked Dave to help her buy a small apartment building. He found a four-unit property off market that was perfect for her needs. Five years after purchasing the building, she was ready to sell it. Remembering her positive experience with Dave, she called him again.

Dave scanned his database and sent marketing materials to a client for whom he’d sold an apartment building in 2016. That client didn’t want to buy the property—but he was pretty sure his brother would.

Dave quickly negotiated a cash sale for just shy of the asking price that closed in 36 days, start to finish. Good relationships matter!

You too can take advantage of the Thomas Duke Company’s wide and trusted web of connections to buy or sell your property.

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