December 17, 2019

Look How You’ve Grown!

We have all heard that before!  At our recent holiday party, the Thomas A. Duke Property Management Team took a few minutes to look ourselves over. We have grown!

In 2012, we managed 710 thousand square feet of property. Today that number is 4.2 million square feet—a 600 percent growth. In just the past year our square footage has grown by 43 percent, with 8 new buildings added to our management portfolio.

For one client we acquired and then undertook a $1.4-million, 90-day renovation, transforming 40,000 square feet into a first-class learning environment for Ivywood Classical Academy. And we had it ready, on time, for the first day of school in September.

At Liberty Center, we oversaw a $1.9-million tenant-improvement project, reconstructing 25,000 square feet.

Even in the thick of intensive projects like these, and even bringing 8 new buildings online, we haven’t let the on-going maintenance and service of our properties slip. Using the work-order app Tikkit, this year we handled over 7,000 work-order requests and resolved 96 percent in less than two hours, which is very much appreciated by the clients we represent. 

On one important key performance indicator—delinquencies—we have not grown. While performing high-ticket construction projects and transitioning large new buildings into our management portfolio, our delinquencies have been less than 3 percent of the total revenues billed.

Top quality service, reporting & communicating with our third-party owners, cutting-edge software, and hands-on tenant-vendor relations—it shouldn’t surprise us that we’ve grown dramatically. Since we plan to continue our industry leading performance, we fully expect that at our holiday party next year we’ll again say, “Look how we’ve grown!”

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