November 25, 2019

Making Matches Others Can’t

In real estate as in love, well-made matches are grounded in good listening.

A property owner in Fenton came to us with a simple question: My tenant wants to purchase the building. Is she offering enough? Blake Macek mined the Duke Company database and brokerage experience in the Fenton market for a well-researched answer: No, he reported, the offer is too low. The owner thanked Blake profusely for saving him time, energy, and money he might have lost in a below-market sale.

Blake wasn’t done. After researching what the building was worth and listening carefully to the owner’s wishes, Blake approached an investor he knew was looking for a building in downtown Fenton—who was happily surprised that Blake remembered his property requirements and reached out. Blake’s matchmaking brought this buyer and the building’s owner together in a deal that more than satisfied both partners.

Blake was able to make this solid and gratifying match because he communicates constantly with buyers and sellers in his market. That’s true of all the brokers at the Thomas Duke Company. We don’t want merely to sell you something. We want to listen and build a trusted relationship with you. Our investment in client relationships, as well as our focused hard work, sets us apart from other brokerage firms. It’s how we find you exactly the property you’re looking for.

If you’d like help selling or leasing a property, call the brokers at the Thomas Duke Company. We’d like to be your matchmaker.

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