March 4, 2020

Not as Simple As It Seems

To passersby, housing developments can seem to spring up quickly, efficiently. Those behind the scenes know that acquiring and developing the land for new homes is a complex process that requires a host of skills.

Jim Porth of the Thomas Duke Company recently led a Saline-area landowner and an experienced home developer through those complexities. The owner of 160 acres on the Saline-Milan Road, land his family had cultivated as an apple orchard, knew it was time to sell. The builder saw the opportunity to provide 99 new homes for families in the growing school district.

But the transition from apple orchard to housing community isn’t simple. Jim, familiar with the process, worked with York Township officials on zoning changes and site approval for the development. He came alongside the builder to ensure proper environmental clean-up of the area. He helped shepherd approval of the on-site water and sewer systems through state permitting authorities. And on the other side of the transaction, he kept the landowning family informed through the many steps along the way, reassuring them that the sale was on track.

After three years of patient, skilled effort and communication, Jim completed the transaction, satisfying his pledge to both the landowner and the builder to help them toward their goals. And, along the way, helping the community and its businesses grow.

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