November 30, 2021

Picture Yourself Here


True, without their marketing skill, Dave Tesch and Steve Valli wouldn’t have closed a recent deal. But there wouldn’t have been a listing in the first place without an intangible dynamic.

Eight years ago, a client trusted Dave and Steve to sell a piece of property. They sold it successfully, and in appreciation the client trusted them with more—six more properties, most recently an 8.36-acre parcel at the corner of Haggerty and Schoolcraft.

Dave and Steve knew it wouldn’t be the easiest of the portfolio to sell. The property brought with it an unfavorable environmental report from prior uses. Also, a drain divides the property. But in appreciation for their client’s on-going trust in them, Dave and Steve rose to the challenge.

Tapping into their broker network, Dave and Steve found a buyer who had been eyeing the property for years as a site for an outdoor storage business. This buyer was so eager to have the parcel that he was willing to close in two weeks with no due-diligence/inspection period, despite the environmental report. And he made an all-cash offer—which he raised when Dave and Steve brought a second buyer into the picture.

The seller was thrilled with the cash offer, and especially with the quick close. In appreciation, he’s trusted Dave and Steve with yet another piece of property.

Picture yourself in this dynamic spiral of mutual trust and appreciation with your commercial real estate broker. Then call Dave Tesch and Steve Valli at the Thomas Duke Company.

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