June 4, 2021

Playing the Imperfect Hand

In February of 2020, Andrew Battersby of the Thomas Duke Company was excited when the owners of the office building at 43940 Woodward reached out asking him to sell their asset. The office market, which had been gaining steam for the past six months, showed no signs of slowing, and the building was in perfect shape. Andrew had a sure, strong sale ahead of him.

His excitement lasted less than a month. That’s when the Covid-19 pandemic locked down every market. Just when interest picked up in early fall, a second shutdown knocked the market back.

Feeling battered himself, Andrew nonetheless designed an extensive marketing campaign for the better day coming. Activity exploded on the second reopening. All of the serious ones, though, pulled back when they discovered the otherwise perfect building didn’t have an elevator. 

Andrew took stock. Circling back to the first serious prospect, he offered a renegotiated price that took into account the cost of elevator installation. This local buyer seized the opportunity. The property went under contract and the sale closed within 40 days.

Almost no property is perfect. But a determined, experienced broker doesn’t let imperfection derail the sale. For your asset—perfect or imperfect—call Andrew Battersby today at 248-476-3700.

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