July 7, 2020

Resources Beyond Real Estate

Here’s what we know: Battered by COVID-19, the economy has now begun to recover. But, as industry authorities and trade publications agree, the recovery will not be equal.

Demand is rising fast in some real estate markets and not so fast in others. Location and building design are affecting buyer motivations in ways no one anticipated in a pre-COVID world.

As commercial brokers we consult with a variety of businesspeople every day. We hear smart, imaginative solutions they’re developing to overcome obstacles this virus has thrown in the way of their success. We get a sneak peak at new business trends.

That means we can offer you more than a discussion about your real estate. We can pass along emerging ideas to help you plan for a full and successful reopening.

The Thomas Duke Company values nothing more than being worthy of your trust. We’re working hard to glean business insights that can help you through the unprecedented challenges of this time. We want you to succeed.

Call us today. We’re a resource for your real estate needs—and more.

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