July 26, 2021

Right In Your Own Backyard

It might seem surprising, but it’s true: Commercial real estate, done well, is a business based in good listening.

A longtime client asked to speak with me. For more than forty years he’s owned and rented an industrial building on Mill Street in Plymouth. Ready to retire, he wanted to sell. But he asked that we not put a sign up. When we asked why, he told us about the good and respectful relationship he’s had with his tenant for decades. He feared a sign would signal to the public that with the building’s sale the tenant’s business would close —an outcome he was adamant not happen.

We listened closely to this owner’s concerns. Then we thought about other clients—owners, buyers, and tenants—that we’ve listened to over the years. A business owner who seemed a clear match emerged. We approached him and he agreed: the building was perfect for his needs. We closed the sale—nearly full price and in cash—six weeks later.

Of course, not all sales go this quickly and smoothly. But because we listen well to all our clients, it’s not rare either.

If your real estate goals aren’t being met, maybe you need a broker who’s a good listener. Call Steve Valli at 248 476-3700 or svalli@thomasduke.com.

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