February 20, 2020

Rooted and Nimble

Rooted relationships, nimble responses—a broker who has both can navigate all the roadblocks that might pop up and keep clients moving smoothly toward their destination. Frank Rakipi got a call from a client, the owner of several locations of a fast-food franchise. The client wanted to sell the building housing one of those stores to purchase a building in a new location, so she called the broker who knew her entire portfolio.

Frank sat down with the restaurant owner, evaluated the site, then got to work marketing the building. Plenty of prospects responded—wanting to lease, not buy the building. But being a landlord didn’t align with the owner’s plans and goals.

Instead of stalling at the roadblock, Frank moved creatively. Knowing the strong demand for income-producing properties, he pursued the lease prospects and struck a contingent deal with one looking for a turn-key restaurant. Next, he tapped into his database of investors, identifying several he knew would sit up at the opportunity to purchase a free-standing building with a new 5-year lease.

An investor who, like the seller, also had a long-standing relationship with Frank quickly responded. Less than 30 days after putting the building under contract, Frank closed the sale at a price that pleased both buyer and seller. On the same day, the building’s new tenant signed his lease. Having well-rooted relationships and the ability to move nimbly in the market are qualities we cultivate to help our clients achieve their goals. If you have a commercial real estate opportunity in mind, we’d like to help.

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