June 17, 2022

RX for a Smoother Retirement Road

The road into retirement isn’t often smooth, but it can be an especially bumpy route for medical and dental professionals. The complexity of putting aside a practice with patient relationships spanning decades means that disposing of the office property often gets the last of an owner’s attention.   

A real estate agent can make that part of the transition far less stressful, not to mention more profitable.

Before making any decisions, call us. Our team will help you value your property and decide whether it makes more sense for your retirement goals to cash out with a sale or earn investment income by leasing your building.

Dr. Mohammad Ghaemi did just that. He has served the community of Troy for six decades as a medical specialist. Once into the early stages of retirement planning, he called agent Jon Norton to help. They assessed his options for his medical office condo at 4792 Rochester Road and decided to try both a sale and a lease listing.

Jon designed a marketing campaign that targeted other medical professionals looking to expand in the area. After receiving multiple offers he sold Dr. Ghaemi’s building for the full asking price.

Our team at the Thomas Duke Company can help make your road into retirement from the medical or dental profession smoother. And more profitable. Even if you’re just beginning to think about retirement, this is the right time to call.

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