October 21, 2019

Short Timeframe, Quick Results

“We need to find a building in Plymouth for a Charter school and open in 6 months”. That was the assignment given by the Ivywood Academy in March of 2019. A challenge? You bet. Ivywood required a Plymouth location, but with the growing population in Plymouth and Plymouth Township, there simply aren’t any vacant schools, let alone any for sale.

With the August 2019 start date in mind, we took inventory of every building that was a possible fit and matched Ivywood to the former ATT training facility on Genoa Court. This 48,000 square foot training facility needed substantial interior and exterior changes to meet the current codes for a school, including a new roof, mechanical and parking lot, which is where the Thomas Duke Company was able to step in and purchase the building in order to lease it back to Ivywood Academy. After quick negotiation and a cash close, our Property Management group immediately began renovations and on June 23, 2019 Ivywood hosted an open house to showcase the building to their growing enrollment as they steadily progress toward the first day of school.

Did we get lucky? Not at all. This transaction called upon all of our core strengths; brokerage, investment sales, leasing, property management and construction, this is what we do! For 22 years I have helped hundreds of buyers, sellers, tenants and Landlords accomplish challenging transactions. If you need help with any commercial transaction, difficult or easy please call me.

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