January 4, 2023

Sometimes It Is Who You Know

When I heard that a large RV storage lot on Ann Arbor Road in Plymouth was for sale—again—I was optimistic. And skeptical.

I had a client who had tried to buy the property several times before. Each time he was bested by another buyer. Yet none of those buyers had closed on the property. Why? What was missing?
Then I learned the seller’s terms: price was firm with a quick 30-day close. In commercial real estate, that’s the equivalent of buying a house in 24 hours.

Still, the buyer wanted to give it a go, provided we could get some answers from the township about any potential restrictions or requirements for the property. As a broker in Plymouth Township for 25 years, I’ve built strong relationships with many of its officials, so I was able to arrange a meeting with them in short order.

Once the buyer had a green light from the township, he immediately signed the purchase agreement. Our 30-day clock started ticking. But could we get a survey and an environmental report completed in less than a month?

Again, these long-standing, trusted relationships kept our ball moving down the field. Within 21 days we had the reports we needed. We closed the deal with time left on the clock. My client owned the property he’d tried to acquire for years, the seller got the price and terms he wanted, and Plymouth Township looks forward to a prosperous new business partner.

A body of trusted contacts across all the sectors of commercial real estate—brokers, clients, government officials, business owners, and technicians—takes years to build. Once built, it’s the team that can bring a tough deal across the finish line.

Let me help you get the deal you’d like to make across the finish line.

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