January 27, 2020

Team Trust.

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Trusted relationships. At the Thomas Duke Company, we strive for them—and not only with our clients. We’ve found that trust among our team members is equally important for helping our clients achieve their goals.

Mark Szerlag, Eric Szerlag, and Blake Macek each have a specific role on the company’s West Side Team. Recently, while marketing another property, Blake made contact with the owner of Lake Winds Plaza, a 38,000-square-foot retail and office center in Fenton. The owner was ready to sell and, through Blake’s contact, chose the Duke Company for the assignment.

Blake took the specifications to Eric, who put together a financial analysis of the property and worked with Blake on targeted market outreach. Mark, tending the project as a whole, contacted a client he’d helped with past purchases. Because he’d built a trusting relationship with that client, Mark knew his investment requirements and knew he could complete the transaction.

The transaction was in fact completed, to the satisfaction of both buyer and seller.

The trust that bonds the Thomas Duke Company’s West Side Team means they can achieve goals for their clients more efficiently than they could individually. Let them help you achieve your real estate goals in 2020.

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