November 2, 2020

The Breakroom: Offering Fresh Food Convenience To Our Tenants

During the first few months of 2020, we began conceptualizing a new cafe for our Liberty Center building in Troy. 

Because the previous operator we had wasn’t offering the fresh and healthy foods we wanted available to our tenants, a change was necessary. Starting construction on the new space in June, we had crews working on the redesigned cafe so it would be ready for the September 14th grand opening. 

Once our plan for the remodel was solidified, we started to solicit different operators. Now that we could offer a kitchen with upgraded equipment (including a Cappucino machine), along with a more modern feel, we knew the space would be more desirable to local restaurateurs. 

We are thrilled to bring on a chef from a local restaurant who is excited about the opportunity to introduce a “from scratch” kitchen. Ready to break from the cookie-cutter cafe mold of preparing microwavable food options, our chef will source all of the freshest ingredients locally, including the coffee. Not to mention, the desserts and pastries will also be made onsite. 

Fresh and healthy are two core pillars we believe in firmly. This aligned with the direction of The Breakroom’s owners and operators, Will Caryl and Andrew Ochoa, saw the cafe going. We were confident bringing them on was the perfect decision.

“The Breakroom Cafe is, at its core, a place for everyone in the Liberty Center to come down, get a bite to eat, and take a break. We wanted a menu to reflect that by serving fresh, interesting, and exciting dishes. Our goal was to build the cafe into more than just a place to get a quick bite. We hoped for a more interesting place. Something of an escape from the office, without having to leave the building. Look for us to continue to expand on this goal as we grow and change the future.” -Will Caryl and Andrew Ochoa.

We couldn’t be more proud to have The Breakroom Cafe operating at the Liberty Center. And, we genuinely believe it is the best, most unique office cafe in Troy. Online ordering, catering to your door, and the freshest foods give the Liberty Center a tremendous edge over the surrounding competitors. 

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