April 5, 2022

The Perfect Buyer

Sometimes we hear that every property listing has its Perfect Buyer. Is that true?

Thomas Duke Company agent Jon Norton was asked to list the commercial building at 6952 John R Road in Troy. Within days, a dentist offered the full asking price. To the seller, it seemed that we had found The Perfect Buyer. Then the buyer hesitated, their financing stalled, and they decided not to pursue a sale. 

A new purchase offer came in—this one too at full price. Plus, this buyer wanted to purchase the seller’s business in addition to the building. Perhaps, the seller thought, we had located The Perfect Buyer this time.

But an unexpected title error caused missed deadlines and unforeseen delays. The buyer requested a contract extension and assigned their purchase rights to a family member. They hired an attorney to advise the new changes on their behalf.

Patiently, steadily, Jon worked with the buyer’s team and the title company to pave a new path to the same closing. Our client is delighted that, in the end, we found The Right Buyer. A daycare business will continue there, now as Dreamy Daycare.

Yes, there are ideal candidates for a purchase. But none of them are perfect. Each comes with their own timing, concerns, and goals—which may not be apparent from the initial offer. A good listing agent can guide your transaction through to the finish line.

If you need a professional who can find The Right Buyer for your property and then take the sale through its inevitable obstacles, call Jon Norton today.

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