August 26, 2020

Third Time’s Not Always a Charm

When the owner of a multi-tenant building in Livonia asked Steve Valli to sell the property, Steve took a deep breath. Twice before he’d been asked to sell the building, and both times, odd, out-of-the blue complications tangled the sale. His skill in detangling and completing the sale prompted both buyers to trust him when their turn came to sell the property. Third time’s the charm, Steve thought. This sale would surely be easier.

It wasn’t. In fact, it was the most difficult sale of the three. Issues cropped up involving lenders and contractors, encroachments and environmental approvals, HVAC systems and the roof, inaccurate title and deed records. Not to mention COVID-related delays. Everything that could go wrong, did.

Plus, the clock was ticking. The buyer had a drop-dead date to vacate the building he was leasing.

Steve reached deep into his experience—22 years in the business and 20 years with the building. He worked with planning and zoning administrators, contractors, lenders, title companies, and lawyers. He knew who to call to close the deal successfully, on time. And he did.

Even a sale that seems simple on the surface can become unexpectedly complicated. Best to start with a realtor who has the networks, experience, persistence, and focus to navigate any complication and bring your sale to a satisfying close. Call Steve Valli today.

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