March 21, 2023

Trading Stress for the Best

A longtime insurance business in the South Lyon community was ready for a move to Brighton. The business had grown enough that purchasing a building, rather than renting, was possible—an opportunity full of exciting freedom. And daunting complications, especially for a first-time buyer. Rather than getting bogged down in the complications, the businessman wisely called an expert.

Andrew Goble of the Thomas Duke Company immediately began the search for just the right property for the business. He showed them on-market properties, off-market opportunities, and everything in between. He walked the buyer through each step, submitting offers, negotiating prices, connecting with lenders and title companies, scheduling inspections, surveys, environmental studies, and, finally, the closing. With Andrew handling all the stressful sales complications, the buyer could give his best attention to what he knew best: his business and preparing it for the move.

It took just a few short months for Andrew’s client to close on a great building in downtown Brighton. A move that will surely change the future of this local business. Not only do they own the kind of space they had hoped for; this building contains two units, allowing the second unit to be rented and produce extra income for the buyer. A great investment!

On top of that bonus, there’s another: Andrew’s client, as a buyer, got Andrew’s brokerage expertise and services completely free.

What are you waiting for? If your business is ready to purchase a property or move to a new one, call the Thomas Duke Company today. Give them the stress so you can do what you do best.

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