September 18, 2013

Transplanting the Local Florist

Family owned since 1898, Keller & Stein Florist is one of the oldest businesses in Canton, Michigan. Five generations of Kellers and Steins have crafted stunning floral arrangements and cultivated loyal customers at their shop on Michigan Avenue just west of highway I-275. After 115 years in the same location, the family made the decision that new growth called for a new location.

Keller Stein

It’s never easy to uproot from an old home. For help, Keller & Stein called on Steven Valli of the Thomas A. Duke Company.

After listening closely to the owners, Steve identified specific traffic corridors and particular buildings within those corridors that could meet their business needs. Each location came with its own advantages and concerns, which Steve detailed for them. They considered all the data carefully, then signed a lease that will transplant Keller & Stein Florist to the northeast corner of Canton Center Road and Cherry Hill Road on October 1.

Steve and all the real estate experts at the Thomas A. Duke Company know that choosing the wrong location can cause a business to wither. But choosing the right location can grow revenues and profits that will help a business bloom for the next 115 years.

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