August 29, 2019

Tried-and-True+New = Success

At the Thomas Duke Company, we know that the best commercial real estate service adds the best of the new to the tried-and-true.

A client asked broker Bill McLeod to help him find a property in Canton for a mixed-use retail/office development. Bill scoured all the listed properties in the area and came up empty handed.

At some firms, that might have left Bill at a dead end. But the Duke Company’s state-of-the-art technology allowed him to quickly search CoStar and Duke’s own database, with its 50,000-plus prospects. The technology’s capabilities identified several unlisted properties that met the client’s criteria.

Bill then did what brokers have always done. He got out on the street, personally investigating the properties. When he saw the headquarters of the UAW Local 845 on North Canton Center Road, he knew it was the perfect site for his client’s purpose. He called to ask if the local chapter would sell. He sent letters. He stopped by—repeatedly. After months of persistent inquiry, one of Bill’s letters—one offering an attractive purchase price—got a response. The UAW agreed to a meeting and at that meeting agreed to sell their building. The close quickly followed.

That left the union in need of a new office facility. The president of the local chapter was so impressed with Bill’s work finding his client a building that he asked him to do the same for the union. Applying Duke Company technology and his same determined focus to this new assignment, Bill found an office facility much closer to the manufacturing plant the union represents—a better home than the one they gave up.

At the Thomas Duke Company, we add the newest technology to old-fashioned determination and personal relationship—and success multiplies! Call Bill McLeod today to plug your property into this real estate success equation.

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