October 13, 2020

Trusting Intuition

Other brokers said the asking price was too high. But intuition told the Thomas Duke Company’s Mark Szerlag and Eric Szerlag that the price at which they listed 34700 Grand River was just right.

The former headquarters of Exotic Automation, the building contained 86,000 square feet. Like all good brokers, the Szerlags researched the availability of similar properties and market demand. Their research gave them the price most brokers would ask. Their professional intuition—born of experience—told Mark and Eric that price was too low. They decided to trust their intuition. The building’s owner trusted it too.

The amount of buyer interest and a successful sale of the property proved the Szerlags right. Despite COVID-19 slowdowns, the sale closed without skipping a beat. More impressive still, the sale was a complicated Reverse 1031 Exchange.

With expertise and experience to supply them with intuition they can trust, the Szerlags got the best price for their client. They can get you the best price for your property too. Call them at 248-476-3700.

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