November 4, 2021

Turning “Never!” into “Yes!”


The best sale was so apparent—to us.

The property—3.44 acres of vacant land—was on a busy corner in Westland, ideally located for a gas station or car wash. In fact, gas station and car wash developers began calling us as soon as we listed the site. The location and market demand begged for an automotive business.

But city zoning officials had a different vision for the corner lot. When we approached them with the plans of a car wash developer, their response was: No. Never. And no gas stations either.

The developer considered moving on to a different site or a different community. We asked for patience and began measured conversations with Westland’s economic and development officials.

We presented market feedback in real time that demonstrated actual market demand and what data their vision for the site was missing. And we demonstrated the economic benefits possible for the community from our client’s high-quality development.

It took nearly a year from listing to finish, but in the end the zoning board approved the car wash project—unanimously!

If you need a broker undeterred by resistance, a broker who knows how to negotiate rather than alienate, call us at the Thomas A. Duke Company. Whatever Never! you might face, we can help turn it into Yes!

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