February 5, 2020

When Breaking Up is Hard to Do


Sometimes owners have a strong attachment to their investment property. Maybe it’s been in the family a long time, or they’ve spent years carefully tending its upkeep. Thomas Duke Company brokers honor those attachments and know how to help a client through the process of passing a property on.

In 2019, the owner of a gorgeous gingerbread Victorian home in Ann Arbor was referred to Michelle Grobler. The beautifully kept structure, divided into five apartments, spoke clearly of her bond with it. Though she knew it was time to sell, she was struggling to let it go.

Michelle knew that because of its central location between the University of Michigan’s north and south campuses and its ample parking, the home could spark fierce competition—which could make the owner more uncomfortable. She worked patiently with the client, helping her understand each detail of the sale process until she was at ease.

In the meantime, Duke broker Jim Porth contacted a client with whom he’d built a trusting relationship over many years. He suggested the Victorian rental as a fine addition to his portfolio. Then Jim worked with his client’s management company and the bank to ensure the smoothest possible transition from one owner to another. Before the property entered the fray of the market, the sale closed successfully.

The collaboration of Duke brokers made a potentially wrenching sale into a rite of passage for the seller and a satisfying advancement for the buyer.

Let us help you transition smoothly through a commercial property purchase or sale. Call Michelle Grobler or Jim Porth at the Thomas Duke company today.

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