November 25, 2019

When it Takes Something More

In this tight market, finding the right property requires more than a state-of-the-art database. That “something more” is the specialty of Thomas Duke Company brokers.

Keller Williams Real Estate needed to relocate their office to Brighton. They called us with a checklist for their ideal space. It should:

• be easy to find
• provide plenty of parking
• have good signage
• be close to the freeway and
• close to amenities

The list was reasonable—and, given the scant supply of office properties, challenging. Using our database, we conducted an exhaustive search. Nothing.

Next we turned to our well-tended network of relationships, many of them nurtured over decades. And we found a landlord with a struggling tenant, one who would be grateful to be free of his lease. We successfully negotiated a new lease that smoothly transitioned the old tenant out and Keller Williams into a space at the Brighton Mall that checked off all the items on their list. Everybody—old tenant, new tenant, and the landlord—won.

Call us for that “something more” that will make your next real estate transaction a win all around.

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