July 23, 2019

Who Do You Trust?

Imagine you’re an investment property owner who hasn’t sold a property in 40 years. You know the time has come to sell. How do you choose a Realtor? Whom can you trust?

Late in 2018, Steve Valli and Adam Reid of the Thomas Duke Company took a call from one of Southeastern Michigan’s largest multi-family property owners. For decades he had acquired properties, and now he was ready to sell. Having seen their marketing materials and knowing their reputation, he turned to Steve and Adam for help.

This owner wanted to start by selling a small apartment building in the downriver market. He’d been watching market trends and had high hopes. Steve and Adam listed the property at a price above what that market had previously seen.

Offers came in from buyers across the country. But Steve and Adam knew that sometimes the best buyer is right next door. So they contacted the owner of the building next to the seller’s. Ironically, they discovered that he was across the country—a multi-family investor in San Diego. The brokers listened carefully to his needs as well as to their client’s, then structured financing that was both manageable for the buyer and offered monthly income to the seller nearly equivalent to what he had been receiving from the property. The closing set a local market record for apartment buildings.

If you need a brokerage team with a reputation for both expertise and trustworthiness, call Steve Valli and Adam Reid at the Thomas Duke Company.

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