June 8, 2022

Your Best-Case Scenario


When the owner of Summit Auto Sales in Pontiac was ready to retire, he knew he owned a valuable piece of real estate. He didn’t realize just how valuable until he called us.

Light industrial and automotive properties are a hot market item right now. We had the building under contract within 3 weeks of its listing and closed 3 weeks later—at nearly full price. Our client was surprised at how quickly the property closed—and worried. He hadn’t expected he would have to move so quickly.

We stepped in and negotiated a post-closing occupancy that allowed our client to remain in the building free of charge for 3 months as he wrapped up his business. At closing he had his best-case scenario: a high payout for retirement without being forced to leave the building more quickly than he was ready or able.

With properties that are in high demand many owners are afraid that if they sell, they won’t be able to find a new location quickly enough. So they don’t sell—and lose the profits available to them.

A good, professional broker works to bring you not only the best price for your property, but also terms you can live with. Call Andrew Goble and Andrew Battersby at the Thomas Duke Company and let us help you to your best-case scenario.

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