February 21, 2022

Your Best Move

Every move is an exciting opportunity. A business move, though, often comes freighted with obstacles that overshadow the excitement. And prove overwhelming.

A client on the edge of overwhelm recently called Andrew Goble. Their lease was about to expire. In a space too small and poorly configured for their needs, they didn’t want to renew the lease. But as a seasonal business quickly approaching their “rush hour,” they couldn’t afford to be homeless for even a week. They felt trapped. Andrew’s assignment: Find a new location and have them on site in six weeks.

There was this complication too: The kind of building Andrew’s client needed—flex space with office and warehouse capability—is in very short supply.

If the client was daunted by the challenge, Andrew was not. He investigated every available location with any possibility of serving his client. After narrowing the field, he toured his client through the best options, then helped them assess the pros and cons of each.

Within two weeks, Andrew had found his client a new home. He then walked them efficiently through the lease-signing process so that they were settled and ready with all hands on deck when busy season launched.

Business relocation is an immense task with serious consequences. But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With an expert broker like Andrew Goble from the Thomas Duke Company, it can be your best move ever.

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