February 16, 2023

A Race Against The Bank


Every multi-family property owner in Wyandotte knows the building. So when the owner decided to move out of state and to sell, we knew our marketing would generate buzz. It did—quickly. We were able to present the seller with several offers. He chose a buyer who had a track record of closing.

It was the closing that became the challenge. With interest rates rising, the close became a race against the bank. More rate hikes seem to be on the horizon, and other market variables are, right now, just that—highly variable. Sellers, we have more buyers like this Wyandotte-property buyer—they’ve got an eye on the market and interest rates.

Buyers, we know who’s preparing to sell.

Interest rates and other market variables are changing the value of investments. You need a trusted advisor alongside you to navigate this constantly fluctuating environment.

Call Adam Reid or Steve Valli today. We’ll help you draw up a navigational plan for your commercial investments.

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