January 29, 2015

Better For It

Not every deal involves 35 different players, 3 government agencies, and stretches over 415 days. Thankfully. But in this case, the satisfaction at closing more than compensated for the labor and complexity.

The Duke Company’s Steven Valli and John Porth represented three local land owners working together to sell 67 acres in Canton, Michigan. Costco, who purchased the acreage on Belleville Road, south of Michigan Avenue, intends to build a 250,000 square-foot, high-traffic distribution center. Sale negotiations included the Wayne County Economic Development Authority, Van Buren Township building officials, and the Michigan Department of Transportation. In addition, there were farming leases, accommodations to surrounding property owners, and easements to work out. The number of stakeholders multiplied quickly! vanguard parcel

Closing the sale took thousands of hours of patient, persistent team effort. The whole area will reap the benefits. Construction will begin this spring on a facility that will have the highest tax base of any building in the county and bring with it 125 new jobs.

Not every deal is this complex, of course. But almost every transaction, no matter how small, encounters some sort of obstacle or challenge. You want assurance that the agents to whom you’ve entrusted your property have met those obstacles before and can calmly and expertly guide the sale to a successful close.

To learn more about this transaction, or to discuss how we can help you meet your real estate goals, call Steve Valli or John Porth at 248.476.3700, or email svalli@thomasduke.com or jkporth@thomasduke.com.

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