September 8, 2022

Consistency. The Thomas Duke Co Approach.


The business of commercial real estate can be wildly inconsistent. Markets swing. Interest rates jump or creep, up or down. Property regulations change. What is consistent is the Thomas Duke Company approach to commercial real estate:

  • Attention to detail
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Brokering market-high sales

Every time, consistently. The Garner family can testify to that.

Recently they called the Duke Company’s Steve Valli and Adam Reid—again. We had brokered six successful transactions for them in the past, and now they wanted us to list their mixed-use, multi-family/retail property in Taylor.

The building had 10 multi-family units and two retail spaces occupied by long-standing tenants. Its strong occupancy and dependable cashflow more than compensated for some capital improvements the building needed.

The buyers we contacted saw that. In a short time more than 75 of them expressed interest in the property, and 4 made written offers. The Garners chose one willing to pay close to full asking price. A little over 60 days later they were at the closing table for a seventh time.

No drama. No headaches. Just consistently excellent service.

In a world full of unpredictability and inconsistency, turn to us for consistency in your commercial real estate transactions. Call Steve Valli and Adam Reid at the Thomas Duke Company today.

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