May 18, 2020

Conversation Corner: It’s Good To Be Back

It is good to be back in the office officially. 

Since the shutdown, we have frequently been talking about “Making the Call.” Throughout my time spent away from the office, I’ve made hundreds of calls. Of those calls, 80-90% were answered or returned within 24 hours. People are available and readily answering their phones. They want to talk to anyone who will listen. 

They are happy to gain market insight and have been very thankful to hear from me. These calls have led to listings and showings. Even better, I have been given the opportunity to speak to people I’ve been trying to get a hold of for a long time. 

Those calls that didn’t lead to an immediate response keep the door open for the future, allowing me to call again. If nothing else – get my name in front of people that may not have known who I was.

These are truly unprecedented times. One which poses new challenges for all of us. Most buyers and sellers are holding their breath to see how things shake out. That’s okay. We need to be the ones to help shepherd them through the coming weeks.

Think about a challenging time in your own life. Who was there for you? How did it affect your relationship with that person? Did it create a new level of trust and respect? 

Now is our time to make sure our clients, both past and future, know it isn’t all doom and gloom. This is our chance to be there for them during this life challenge; to build new relationships and strengthen old ones. Be the name they remember when this kink in the hose inevitably gives way.  

These next few days before the lockdown ends is our head start. We have a massive advantage in being able to be back in the office before most. Take advantage. Make the call.

Blake Macek is a member of the Thomas Duke Company’s West Side Team, connecting clients with real estate in Oakland and Livingston counties. 

You can reach him at

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