May 12, 2020

Every Day, A Choice

At the Thomas Duke Company clients often become the best kind of friends – those who open their lives to us and inspire us.

Recently a client I hadn’t spoken to for several months called with news. She told me that in January she was given a diagnosis of cancer, stage 4. She described hearing the news from her doctor and how, when she sat in her car afterward, alone with the shock, she was overcome with one emotion. Gratitude! She said it surprised her as much as anyone, at first. But sitting there with her surprising gratitude, she saw it flowed from her lifetime of blessings—her supportive spouse, loving children and family, her fulfilling career.

I’m sad, of course, for the diagnosis and the treatment regimen my friend will endure. But stronger than my sadness is my gratitude for the inspiration she has given me, especially now.

The COVID-19 pandemic is straining all of us. Like my friend, I want to choose to stay positive. To remember the blessings of my life so far and to see the new ones given to me every day. Like a client who trusted me with her story and inspires me to choose life, today.

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