October 18, 2012

Vintage 1960s Mid Century Modern Come Back

The Thomas Duke Company has given an iconic, mid-century-modern building at 30555 Southfield Road in Southfield a new lease on life.

Built in 1968, this five-story structure previously known as the Congress Building badly needed attention. Its nearly 60,000 square feet were deteriorating rapidly. But beneath the mildew and corrosion and general dishevelment we saw potential—a unique, boutique building with floor-to-ceiling glass on all levels that brought the light and energy of the outdoors in.

For that potential to become actual, we had work to do.

Beginning in May, our crews spent a month on a boom lift, attending to the building’s skin. Five different surface materials, each needing different treatment, had to be restored. We acid washed the entire building, and then scrubbed it with abrasive pads to remove decades of dirt and corrosion from the glass, aluminum mullions, and fiberglass panels. Next we treated the four-story white panels with Jomax and bleach to remove mildew and clean their surfaces. In the end, every inch of the exterior was cleaned, repaired, caulked, tuck-pointed, primed, painted, sealed, and polished.

Back on the ground we tackled the wildly overgrown landscaping. We stripped the site of all the original plantings, including overgrown trees that blocked sight lines. Our new landscape design features trees, shrubs, flowers and other plantings in complimenting sizes and colors that create a welcome from every angle.

The result is a gleaming, good as new structure surrounded by natural beauty. Two new flags flank the front elevation—a subtle finishing touch.

We’ve now moved inside, busily renovating the offices and common spaces with the same attention and care we lavished on the exterior. We intend to bring the interior, too, back to its 1960s glory, with period colors, textures, ornamentation, and lighting. The building is well on its way to becoming a charming, individualized, attention-getting location.

We welcome inquiries from tenants who want a high-quality building minutes south of the Birmingham office market at considerable savings. Its new lease on life can offer the same to your business.

For more information, please contact Thomas Duke at tduke@thomasduke.com

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