May 6, 2024

Satisfaction — More than a Transaction

The sale of 7120 Haggerty Road in Canton is so much more than another successful transaction in the books. It’s the deep satisfaction of helping a client make smooth, stress-free transitions.

For ten years I’ve helped this client find tenants for the 3-unit, 6,000-square-foot building he owned and, in one of the units, occupied with his business. In his 70s, he wanted to hand over the responsibilities of building ownership while continuing to run his business for a few more years. He had a vision for his retirement and a sense of the timeline of his transition, but not how to make it happen.

Through our marketing efforts we procured a buyer. I sensed that he and the seller could work well together. They agreed to meet, each trusting my judgment of the other. Within five minutes we were negotiating pricing and timelines for occupancy which would suit the needs of both.

With the sale assured, I then helped the seller sign a lease on another building from which to operate his business. That lease will expire exactly when he wants to fully retire, and he won’t have the stress and inconvenience of a building to sell. He’s now on his way toward the retirement he envisions and has earned.

The greatest reward for me in commercial real estate is not the list of sales. It’s building strong relationships with clients who trust me to help them fulfill their aspirations. If I can help you toward your visions and aspirations, please reach out by calling me at (248) 476-3700 or email

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