July 1, 2014

Synergy For Success

Jim Porth

A successful orthodontist, Dr. Nicole Teifer is a specialized professional. When she wanted to expand Today’s Orthodontics to a second location in Novi, she didn’t try to research market trends, search available properties, negotiate rental terms, and advise her attorney on a contract. She knew her expansion would be most likely to succeed if she enlisted a specialized professional—in medical building leasing.
Her friend and fellow dentist Chris Paulson of Arbor Dental Associates without hesitation referred Dr. Teifer to Jim Porth, a partner in the Thomas A. Duke Company. For (six? three? ten?) years Jim has worked with Dr. Paulson to find locations that have helped his practice thrive and grow.
With his in-depth experience in the medical leasing field, Jim knew that Dr. Teifer would have the best chance of succeeding in her second location if she were in a medical office park surrounded by complimentary health practices. A synergy would be created: the doctors and professionals in these surrounding practices could refer patients of their own who also needed dental work to Dr. Teifer, providing her a solid new patient base. She, in turn, could refer her patients who needed other medical services to her new office neighbors. The whole office park would be working as a team to boost the business of each and all.
For every one of his real estate clients, Jim asks, “Will a synergy be created here for my client? Do the surroundings and fellow tenants compliment my client’s business? Does this location provide the conditions for my client’s success?”
Within 12 months of moving into her Novi office, Dr. Teifer was calling Jim again. The synergy created in her new location was so successful that she needed his services to negotiate a lease for double the space.
Jim would be happy to talk with you about how the right location can create synergy for your business. Contact him at the Thomas A. Duke Company: (248-476-3700) (jporth@thomasduke.com).

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