January 18, 2021

The leasing market still strong.

The market in commercial real estate hit hardest by the pandemic has been office and retail tenancy. Given all the closings and constrictions on business, that’s no surprise. What may surprise you is that through it all, the Thomas Duke Company has continued to provide building owners a stellar record of leasing activity.

The Cambridge Center, a neighborhood center in Dearborn Heights, had a strong record of tenancy. But COVID dealt it, too, a blow.

When vacancy threatened, the ownership group called the Duke Company’s Adam Reid. Within two weeks of listing, Adam was in negotiations with a tenant to fill all the vacant space in the center. In December, the tenant and owners signed new a 13-year lease.

This isn’t a one-off example. Throughout the pandemic, Duke has continued to lease challenged centers. We know businesses that are still looking to grow, relocate, and expand. If your center needs a fresh marketing approach, call Adam Reid at the Thomas Duke Company today.

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