April 8, 2021

Thomas Duke Co Manages Air Quality

The Thomas Duke Co managed properties are helping you feel confident in the office space you occupy with us.

We have always monitored air quality and have improved and implemented changes that will not be visible.  To highlight some these changes, we have:

  • Improved air filtration by installing MERV 13 filters or better, which is equal to medical use and occupancy requirements.
  • All air within our buildings passes through these filters more than 15 times per working day, at a minimum, often far more.
  • All air within our buildings is exhausted and refreshed with outside air 15 times per working day, at a minimum.
  • We have installed WellStat sensors that provides continuous, actionable data to help us reduce the unseen risk factors that impact the health and productivity of our tenants.  Some of the air quality factors provided are relative humidity, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), carbon dioxide, ozone and many others.

Knowing that people spend more than 80% of their time in an office or an enclosed environment, pre-COVID, we have also been placing a very high priority on indoor air quality to ensure that your office environment with us is as good or better than the ASHREA standards set in state and local building codes. 

Our managed buildings are open, clean and environmentally improved for your return.

See you soon!

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