May 11, 2022

Timing is Everything?

Timing is everything? Not quite. At least in real estate, there’s another component needed to bring “everything” to the finish line.

In 2019, Adam Reid contacted the owners of a Garden City apartment building. He’d sold a similar building in their area and wondered if they’d be interested in selling too. They weren’t, but they asked that Adam keep them in his sales loop.

He did—not flooding them with marketing calls, just with relevant, reliable information. So three years later, when the owners were ready to sell, Adam was the agent they called.

It was a good call. One of Adam’s long-time clients owned a similar property nearby. Immediately, Adam knew the building was a good fit for his client. And the client, who has trusted Adam as his realtor for years, immediately agreed. The deal closed quickly and smoothly.

When the time was right for the seller to sell and for the buyer to buy, Adam was able to connect them, thanks to the trust he’d built with both.

Timing plus Trust. That’s how we put deals together. Call us today to learn how we can put timing and trust together in a great deal for you.

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