March 10, 2016

Timing the Open Window

A four-tenant automotive building, built in 2005. Fully leased. Zero deferred maintenance. A cakewalk for the property owner. Why sell?

The owner of this property, a seasoned real estate investor, knew the market was changing and called on the Thomas Duke Company to help him read it. It wasn’t the first time. Twice before our company had helped him capitalize on market shifts. This time Steven Valli and Frank Rakipi charted for him the rising demand for income property—and, consequently, the shrinking supply. When the time was ripe, he had the agents list his building.

The window of opportunity had opened wide. Three buyers competed for the property. The owner chose the most qualified buyer, who offered 97 percent of the asking price.  

Is it time for you, too, to take advantage of a seller’s market? Let us help you read this current market cycle and open your window of opportunity. Call us today at 248-476-3700. 


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