September 6, 2016

Weighing the Options

When Mack Kim’s lease was about to expire, the owner of Beauty Spot Cosmetics and Beauty Supply wasn’t sure whether he should renew his lease, find a new location to rent, or purchase a building of his own. So he contacted Jim Porth and Sarah Grabinski of the Thomas Duke Company to help him do a cost-benefit analysis of each option.

With their network of relationships in the community, Jim and Sarah were able to:

  • Help Mr. Kim decide to purchase a building
  • Find a property not publicly for sale that fit all his needs
  • Match him with a lender and assist him with the SBA process
  • Ease the transition for the seller and current tenant by negotiating a lease that provides Mr. Kim with rental income during the transition period.

Mr. Kim is excited to re-open Beauty Spot in his very own building at 4864 Washtenaw this fall.


4864 Washtenaw

Jim and Sarah are happy to help you, too, think through the costs and benefits of any real estate decision you may have. Contact them today at 248.476.3700 or by email at Jim Porth or Sarah Grabinski


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