March 3, 2020

When One Door Closes, Look for a Better Door

Early last fall, a door slammed hard in the face of two of our clients.

Jon Norton had helped the business partners identify an industrial property that fit their needs. After months of inspections and negotiations, the partners were sure they’d soon be signing on the dotted line. Then out of the blue, a new buyer appeared offering well over the asking price. The property that was within their grasp was gone overnight.

Discouraged, Jon’s clients were losing hope that there was a “right-fit” property for them. But when that door closed, Jon began looking for a different door. Within days, another member of the well-knit Duke team showed Jon a new listing—one that exceeded his clients’ criteria. In fact, its bigger cranes, better offices, and views of freeway frontage were better than those of the property they’d lost.

The partners’ confidence soared: This was the property they’d been waiting for. Jon and the seller’s broker put it under contract immediately.

Then, days before closing, an inspector uncovered severe issues with two of the site’s rail cranes. Discussions about who would cover the cost of repairs broke down. Now the better door seemed about to slam shut.

Quickly, Jon and the seller’s broker stepped in. They negotiated a successful emergency solution to the crisis that shared the cost among all the parties at the table. Soon after, 34150 W 9 Mile Road, a $1.555 million industrial property, was in the hands of Jon’s clients.

When his clients were dispirited and had lost momentum, Jon didn’t give up. His patience, persistence, and collaboration with other members of the Duke team helped him usher his clients to an opportunity better than they had imagined. Though emotionally exhausted from the ordeal, they are very pleased at the door they’ve walked through.

If you need a broker who will see your search for that just-right property through to the end, call Jon Norton at 248-479-0130.

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